GFS offers flexible & scalable DCIM solutions for all your Data Center needs. With GFS Crane you can start small and grow big with modular licensing and scalable Editions. We offer the flexibility of Cloud or On-premises deployments. GFS also offers flexibility of customizations with our Advanced DCIM products. Built as an Industrial IoT application, GFS Crane comes in 5 different Editions:

Standard Edition

While Data Centerfacilities vary in size,they all havetwo fundamental requirements for Infrastructure Management: maintaining high uptime and improving asset utilization.Asmall facilitywith 5-19 Racks typically requires only two DCIM functions:critical infrastructureMonitoring with timely Alerts, and basic Asset Management. Our GFS CraneDCIM Standard Edition is the best-suited product for these smaller Data Centers.

Advanced Edition

For Enterprise Data Centers with 20 or more racks, requirements build up. Beyond asset utilization, resource management like power, space and cooling come into the equation. Data Centers with 100s (or even 1000s of Racks) across multiple halls, floors and buildings now need Change Management. More complex Data Centers with Primary and Secondary facilities need their DCIM to have High Availability. They need integration with Building Management Systems (BMS) and 3rd party applications. The answer to these multiple and complex requirements is our GFS Crane DCIM Advanced Edition, a complete and an integrated product for critical infrastructure management.

Colo Edition

Colocation Data Centers require multi-tenancy and customer management.

  • Multi-tenancy: Hosting multiple customers with dedicated racks, cages or complete floors, Colo DCs offer customers separate secure portals of their dedicated space in a single-instance DCIM.
  • Customer Management: Colo DCs want to know from their DCIM actual power usage by each customer versus contracted power. They want their DCIM to provide month-end SLA reports for each customer. They want their DCIM to enable faster customer on-boarding.

GFS Crane DCIM Colo Edition offers(a) secure Multitenancy with option to provide dedicated Customer portals, (b)customer-wise Power Use and Billing, and (c) alerts when any SLA provision is breached as well as month-end SLA reports.

The Colo Edition covers all features of Advanced Edition, including tight integration with BMS.

RMS Edition

For OEMs of Container Data Centers, we have GFS Crane RMS (Rack Management System).GFS Crane RMS is a subset of our DCIM that monitors and sends alerts for critical infrastructure devices shipped with the Container (or Modular) DC. GFS Crane RMS is factory-installed by the OEMs, and ready for plug-n-play when the Container DC is deployed at customer sites.

Cloud Edition

The rise of IoT has seen proliferation of Edge Data Centers. Connected to the Internet, they are small server halls or may even be single Rack or single row Container Data Centers. They are likely to prefer lights-out operations with minimal on-site staff. To cater to their needs, we have multi-tenant GFS Crane Cloud deployed in Private cloud environments. It provides two mutually independent subscription-based services: Device Monitoring as a Service and Asset Management as a Service.

This single product – but multi-edition approach – with scalability, flexibility and modular licensing helps customers derive faster ROI and extend the life span of their DCIM investments with GFS.