Monitoring for both Facilities & IT devices and sending alerts when threshold levels are breached

  • Building Management Systems via BACNet/IP
  • UPS systems via SNMP or Modbus/TCP
  • Power utility meters (integration with multi-vendor Energy meters via SNMP or Modbus/TCP)
  • Back-up generators via Modbus/TCP
  • Fuel tanks through flow sensors
  • Chiller plants & PAC units (Modbus/TCP or SNMP)
  • Rack Power & temperature (through Packet Power Smart Power cables and Environment Monitoring Units/temperature probes)
  • Rack iPDU up to socket level to provide individual power monitoring for devices
  • SNMP & WMI enabled Servers for CPU and memory utilization
  • Smoke detection & fire prevention systems
  • Access control & surveillance cameras (through SNMP or vendor-provided SDK)
  • Dry Contacts (NO/NC)

Besides email or SMS alerts, monitoring yields user-defined periodic reports and trend graphs

Rack Report

Socket level power: Click shows which device is in that U-space

Device Report and trend graph

Alarm Report

Threshold levels for each device and monitored parameters are defined in DCIM Policies. One can define multiple thresholds with multi-color alarm codes. Alarms are delivered via mobile texts, emails or via SNMP Trap to a Ticketing system. Alerts would be sent if a device has become unreachable or a parameter is not getting monitored.

Monitoring and Alarm Management help to reduce risks of a data center failure.

Would You Like to See

GFS Crane in action?

Would You Like to See

GFS Crane in action?