Power Management

Power Chain, Impact Analysis, PUE Reports, Device-wise Power & Fuel Usage reports, Power Billing (for Colo customers)

  • Live monitoring & Impact Analysis with Power Chain
  • Power Consumption reports & trend graphs of:
    • HT/LT Transformers & Switch Gears
    • Any electrical feeder panel
    • UPS & Rectifiers
    • Floor, row & rack PDUs
    • HVACs & Chillers
    • Servers
    • Diesel Generator Sets with Fuel Usage and Output Power Reports
  • L1, L2 & L3 PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) Reports
  • Energy Efficiency improvement recommendations through PUE-based analytics and server utilization versus virtualization status, age and power consumption
  • Branch circuit monitoring & Power Billing Reports for Colo customers

Daily UPS Input Voltage Trend

Power Management is a core DCIM function. Through PUE reports and analytics, GFS Crane DCIM provides energy efficiency recommendations that helps to reduce power and fuel costs in data center operations.

Would You Like to See

GFS Crane in action?

Would You Like to See

GFS Crane in action?

Cooling & Environment Management

Rack, Row & Room-level temperature, Device-wise Cooling Reports, Air Quality & Sustainability Reports

  • Temperature (Room, Row and Rack level)
  • Return air and supply air temperature of PAC units
  • Humidity (Room and rack level)
  • Differential pressure
  • Air quality (% of H₂, CO₂ and other gases)
  • Presence of water/moisture
  • Chilled water or any other liquid temperature, flow rate
  • Carbon footprint of data center based on power usage and source of power

Temperature Profile for Racks

GFS Crane DCIM helps in cooling optimization based on utilization and heat loads of IT devices. Sustainability Reports, correlated with Power consumption data, helps towards the goal of achieving a Greener Data Center.