How efficient is your data center analytics software available in Bengaluru? Is that handling your data proficiently? Are you sure that your data are kept safe and secured? Is it well adapted to the constantly changing technological environment? Does it support your work structure? Will it provide improved performance against increasing workloads? How about better security against the risks of cyber-attacks? To answer all your questions and solution for a better alternative, call GreenField Software today! We offer the safest and secured analytic software solution that will help keep your data center safe and effective.

At GFS, we offer many years’ experience and knowledge to help you plan out a robust solution that keeps your infrastructure highly secured and protected from the future uncertainties. We offer the finest data center analytics solution to help you respond to the IT complexities and support in the evolution and edge computing.

Smart and effective data centre analytics solution in Bengaluru

Whether you are planning to have your existing site modified or built from the scratch, GFS offers the perfect solution to help you develop and transform your center proficiently. Grow your site, reduce risks and transition your centre into a modern site that is well optimised with cloud and edge computing.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced software specialists will work closely with you to deliver a customised solution that fits seamlessly to your specific needs and develop a site that produces efficient results. We help our clients transform their cash intensive site into a future ready one.

How can we help make your center high performing?

Get widget based customisable control panels that offers logical supports based on your requirements and KPIs. Our data center analytics software can help you in supporting your infrastructure with:

  • CIO panels that offers key metrics such as PUE, critical server CPU and memory deployment.
  • Greater uptime on power infrastructure
  • Bulk and compact PODs with greater load bearing capabilities
  • Super-efficient cooling system
  • Technical support and connectivity with major telecom carriers
  • Monitoring panels with deductive analysis to meet your needs
  • Automatic system for smarter detection and suppression

Take your site one step further! Give GFS a try!

So, think you are satisfied with your data center analytics performance? Think again! We offer a better solution that is one-step further and offers greater security, analytical ability and improved performance and being well-updated means, you do not need an update or improvement in a long time! Call GreenField Software today and collect your free quote today! We offer the best data center analytics solution across Bengaluru hands down!

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GFS Crane in action?

Would You Like to See

GFS Crane in action?