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Shekhar Dasgupta is the Founder & CEO of GreenField Software Private limited, a venture pioneering next generation data center technologies for cloud infrastructures.

DCIM: Addressing Competing Demands in Data Center Management

Posted on: 22 Mar 2023

Modern Data Center Managers face the problem of competing demands. For instance, an important KRA for the Data Center (DC) Manager is maintaining highest levels of uptime throughout the year. At the same time, for keeping capital costs under control, maintaining high asset utilization is also a KRA. However, uptime has an inverse relationship with […]

Energy Analytics for Data Centers

Posted on: 06 Jan 2022

Energy Analytics Software, helps to maintain the desired level of PUE in a dynamic environment of a Data Center and to adjust to various ICT and non-ICT loads associated with Data Center operations. Based on its predictive modelling, various measures can be initiated proactively to attain the desired energy efficiency.

Can DCIM Provide BMS-like Control Functions?

Posted on: 08 Mar 2020

We get asked this question occasionally. The short answer is YES. GFS Crane DCIM does provide Control functions. Since advent of DCIM about a decade back, there has been a conventional segregation of duties between BMS and DCIM.  While Building Management Systems (BMS) would monitor and control facility infrastructure of data center, DCIM would integrate […]

Why DCIM is Critical for IT Infrastructure Management?

Posted on: 21 Oct 2019

A modular DCIM supporting IT Infrastructure Management could prevent fire or power trip in a Rack. Most DCIM add interactive graphics to get information about power, space, heat load and weight in one-go to identify best-fit racks for adding new devices on racks. It can avoid costly mistakes.

Rack Management System for Modular Data Centers

Posted on: 08 Jul 2019

The industry is rapidly embracing a modular approach to data center infrastructure. The expectation is this trend would accelerate as customers are moving their principal computing to either Cloud infrastructures with satellite nodes or deploying smaller – usually multiple and distributed – captive Modular Data Centers (MDCs). The market growth of MDCs is accelerating with greater adoption of […]