GFS is a Knowledge Partner at DCD CONVERED Bangalore taking place this week. We are unveiling here the integrated solution of GFS Crane DCIM with Intel Data Center Manager. DCD Attendees can see this tomorrow (16th July) at Intel Booth.

GFS is sponsoring a Panel Discussion this afternoon “Key Metrics for Data Center Operations to Measure Reliability & Efficiency.” Moderated by our Vice President – Development, Parikshit Bhaduri, the panel includes

– Mr. N. Subramanyam, CIO, Diageo

– Mr. Rupinder Goel, Global CIO, Tata Communications

– Ms. Shaheen Meeran, Managing Director, Schnabel DC Consultants India

Data Center Metrics is a growing subject in data center operations management. Starting from the days when Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) was first defined, Green Grid subsequently expanded with multi-level PUE measurements, Carbon Usage Effectiveness (CUE), and Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE) to round-off a set of sustainability metrics for the data center.

Other organizations, notably eBay, defined other measurement criteria for different data center roles. This will be the topic for today’s GFS sponsored panel. DCIM is expected to deliver all the key metric s for different data center roles real-time, to indicate not only the current state of health of the data center, but to enable instant corrective actions (if required) to maintain uptime and SLAs.

An example of this comes from our collaboration with Intel. Integrating Intel Data Center Manager gives us interesting measures on Rack Utilization Effectiveness (RUE) with respect to their Power, Space and Temperature on real-time basis. Instant view of RUEs helps in accurate Move-Add-Change (AC) decisions as well as Capacity Planning and Forecasting.