While there has been increased adoption of Cloud infrastructure, millions of businesses around the world still continue to depend on in-house IT infrastructure. There are server rooms in small businesses. Edge Data Centers are proliferating with Internet of Things.  And many businesses are preferring in-house modular data centers. But whatever be their flavor, they share a common concern, not very different from larger data center owners.

They cannot afford an outage of their data center. That’s the bottom line. Business owners realize that continuous device monitoring is no longer a good-to-have option as past reliance on manual monitoring led to errors as alerts did not reach them on time. Unfortunately smaller data center owners

  • Do not have adequate staff & resources to manage an On-premises monitoring application
  • Would find a full-fledged DCIM an overkill even if they can afford the staff

So, either they totally disband the server room and move 100% to Cloud or consider options that will be less disruptive and cost less than entire lift and shift of infrastructure to the Cloud.

The good news is there are options.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – hosted subscription-based service – is now available for device monitoring and asset management for server rooms and Edge data centers. One of them is GFS Crane Cloud. It monitors not only Servers but all critical infrastructure devices like UPS and Cooling units. The service can be extended to Asset Management and to facilities outside Data Centers.

A second option is on-premises Rack Management System. This is a slimmer version of DCIM ideal for Modular Data Centers fitted with iPDUs and temperature sensors.

Modular Data Center manufacturers that wish to include a web-based Rack Management System supporting multi-location deployment can write to us at sales@greenfieldsoft.com.